Matching the Right Therapist and Therapy Client

    Thanks to being a smaller, more personal staffing firm we can really get to know our therapy clients and understand their specific needs and preferences. Our client-centered therapy knowledge goes a long way toward matching the right therapist to the right therapy client. Each client’s rehabilitation staffing assignment requires different personal and clinical skill sets that we consider before on-call therapists are placed.Rotator Cuff Exercises

    Each of our therapists, as well as our PTAs, COTAs and SLPs aids undergo a thorough interview and reference check process. Additionally, each of our therapists meet higher-quality standards set forth by the Joint Commission Policy Statement.

    Therapy Clients choose us as their staffing firm because of our commitment to high quality, and the longevity and flexibility of our rehabilitation staffing. We offer on call-therapists, traveling therapists, and full or part-time therapists depending on your needs.

    It’s time to make us your rehabilitation staffing firm too.