About Us – Our Rehab Staffing Company Gets High Marks

    Therapy Solutions offers therapists exactly what they are looking for: rehabilitation therapy careers based on their terms. Flexible assignments, great benefits, and the backing of a company who puts patient care first.little girl with walker (Small)

    We also offer school districts, hospitals, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies a key resource: qualified professional therapists who can immediately and skillfully step-in when there’s a rehab staffing need.

    Companies today are looking for ways to manage rehab operations and rehab staffing more efficiently. They struggle to handle fluctuations in demand and maintain clinical intensity when therapists are sick or on vacation. They look to us, as a staffing company, for a solution, and we deliver.

    We enjoy extremely low turnover from our professional therapists many of whom have worked for us for 10 years. And clients consistently give us high marks with regards to their satisfaction of our rehab staffing services.

    In 2011, Therapy Solutions was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for Health Care Staffing Services. To receive the award, We underwent an extensive on-site review of our compliance with national standards that assessed how staffing firms determine the qualifications and competency of staff, how staff is placed, and how staff performance monitored.

    We received a two-year Gold Seal of Approval and undergo an annual review process to ensure we have maintained and improved upon the standards and policies that have been enacted.

    “Health care organizations that contract with Therapy Solutions can look to Joint Commission certification as an assurance that Therapy Solutions demonstrates a commitment to providing and continuously improving quality services,” says Michele Sacco, M.S., executive director, Health Care Staffing Services Certification of The Joint Commission.

    Isn’t it time you made us your rehabilitation staffing choice?